Get In The Habit of Validating Your Successes

By Bradley Humbles / March 3, 2020 /

In this morning’s newspaper there was an article about the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), our local electric utility here in Chattanooga that was the perfect example of a company that is routinely validating successes. The headline read: Dams Avert $722 Million In Damages The story talked about how the numerous dams that the utility has…

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Kicking This Habit Increases Your Profits

By Bradley Humbles / January 12, 2020 /

Are your habits hindering your profits? Five, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 and so on. How often do we hear people “count” this way? It’s kind of catchy, isn’t it? You can get into a rhythm—even turn it into a little song in your head if you are so inclined. But it’s also a dangerous…

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The Importance of Focus in Negotiating

By Bradley Humbles / November 15, 2019 /

Recently I observed a complex negotiation between two people. It took place over a couple of days, and proved to be very frustrating to both parties. The problem? Lack of focus. One negotiator was fairly intent on making a deal and put together a comprehensive plan, based on what he knew about the other negotiator…

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Negotiating—It’s Not Just About the Money

By Bradley Humbles / October 15, 2019 /

Recently I had a conversation with one of our workshop alumni, and he told me a fascinating story about an agreement he made. It was especially intriguing because he used several of the concepts we talk about in our program. And money played only a minor role in the negotiation. Our client—we’ll call him Alan—has…

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4 Reasons To Talk Less & Listen More When Negotiating

By Bradley Humbles / July 30, 2019 /

Imagine visiting a doctor for the first time. The minute he walks in the door, he begins sharing his credentials, his innovative surgical skills, and the amazing success he’s having with a particular drug. Before you have a chance to share your symptoms or why you are there, he informs you that taking the wonder…

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5 Facts About Stress & Emotions in Negotiating

By Bradley Humbles / June 17, 2019 /

Emotions lead to wins and losses! Last week while working in Philadelphia, I was able to take a day and make a trip to Gettysburg, PA and the Gettysburg National Military Park. Whether or not you are a history buff, I highly recommend it. The park incorporates nearly 6,000 acres, with 26 miles of park…

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What’s My Motivation?

By Bradley Humbles / April 29, 2019 /

Too often, when negotiating, motivation is overlooked. Your motivation for making a deal and the others parties motivation just might surprise you! Without zeroing in on the “why” of each person involved it’s like flying blind. Recently I consulted with Steve about a negotiation he was involved in—he was at a loss as to what…

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Use Feelings In Your Favor!

By Marvae Eikanas / February 16, 2019 /

How will you let your feelings work in your FAVOR in future negotiations?

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How Many Times Have You Cut Yourself Short In Negotiations?

By Marvae Eikanas / October 7, 2018 /

Here are three ways to measure your negotiation goals and remember to leave yourself some “spare wood” in the process:

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The Downfalls of Being a Needy Negotiator

By Bradley Humbles / April 29, 2018 /

Is your neediness showing? How can you be more EPIC in your negotiations?

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