Build a Great Negotiation Team

An exclusive two-day workshop for your team to help them sell more profitably—and make deals that reflect the value of your product or service.

Your company's success hinges
on your team's ability to negotiate.

You want your team to sell your products and services for what
they're worth—and your buyers to recognize the value you're offering.

But buyers commoditize your
product and overemphasize price.

You know your products and services are worth more than buyers realize.
But when your team doesn't negotiate confidently, they give in to price pressure—and lose money!

It doesn’t have to be that way!

We’ve discovered how to set your company apart from competitors
and boost the effectiveness of your sales team's efforts.

MAP Negotiation Private Workshop gives your sellers the skills and confidence
they need to succeed with today’s demanding buyers.

Through a MAP Negotiation Private Workshop,
your sellers will learn how to:

Uncover what customers really want and need

Communicate your value clearly

Set higher goals—and achieve them!

Create great agreements that satisfy customers

The MAP Negotiation Private Workshop

MAP Negotiation Workshop

A MAP Negotiation Private Workshop is a two-day live session for organizations with groups of 12 or more people who want to become great negotiators. We tailor the workshop to your company and industry, and your team members work on real negotiations together.

Our training features multiple skill practices. Your sellers will learn to negotiate the way they do in real life—by email, phone, and face-to-face.

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Here's what our customers are saying:

Sam Cape

“After trying things differently based on what I learned at MAP, I've already made a better deal when buying a car, and I have made better deals at work.”

Sam Cape

Crane Curency

“Our Sales Leaders worked extensively with Bradley to develop a customized course designed to navigate complex negotiation scenarios with our customers. The program was instrumental in heightening the negotiation skill set of our Sales force and succeeded in winning new business and growing existing business. Highly recommended course for all sales levels.”

Judy Bowen Lodanosky

SKF Logo
Sandra Brewer

“It's an incredible way to better understand how to prepare for an upcoming negotiation, and to navigate once you've begun. I am sure the skills I learned will help me be a better negotiator.”

Sandra Brewer

Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce

The MAP Price Increase Bootcamp Private Workshop

Price Increase Boot Camp

Inflation marches on. Your costs for materials, products and services are rising. But customers push back on any attempt to pass on costs or improve your profits.

Your sellers are challenged by professional buyers who are:

  • well trained and experienced
  • skilled at avoiding/delaying price increases
  • knowledgeable about markets & competitor prices
  • threatening to switch suppliers if you don’t back off

Talking with customers about paying you more is very challenging. Do you know how to handle these situations? How much are poorly handled attempts costing you?

During these critical conversations, sellers need to:

  • convey the value your company provides
  • remind buyers why they chose you in the first place
  • share the rationale for higher prices
  • persist in the face of resistance (and threats)
  • maintain and even enhance customer relationships

That’s where the MAP Price Increase Bootcamp can help. We help your team get tough and handle high stress situations. Our intense, one-day boot camp gives you and your team the skills and knowledge needed to handle the pressure and discomfort of price increase conversations.

What's in it for you?

  • a process for conducting meetings with buyers
  • live skill practices with realistic scenarios
  • interactions with tough, demanding customers
  • immediate feedback on your performance so you can improve

All this happens during the Team Challenge, a difficult— and fun—contest, with prizes for the winning team.

Think you can handle the price increases on your own? That's great!

But if you're not satisfied with the results you've been getting, then register now for the MAP Price Increase Bootcamp. We have public session for small teams and company owners.

Available Add-Ons for All Workshops

Webinar Reinforcement

Participants complete post-course activities designed to apply concepts and skills to real world negotiations. Three 60-minute, highly interactive, webinars review key concepts, share successes and areas for improvement.


Group Coaching

Teams of 4-6 people that are formed during the live session remain intact and through four 60-minute online sessions work with a coach to reinforce what they learned and gain additional knowledge and application.

Before each session participants receive assignments to complete that further their understanding of the content. Coaching sessions are highly interactive and focus on applying their skills to actual deals and sharing experiences and insights.

This format provides individualized attention and more interaction than is possible in webinars.

100% Guarantee Risk Free

No-Risk, Money Back Guarantee

You're already pressed for time, and you need your team to drive results. You can’t afford to risk wasting time and resources on training that doesn’t produce results.

If you aren't satisfied that your team has the skills they need to become a great negotiator after they've completed the MAP Negotiation Workshop, we'll refund your investment.

Let us take the risk while you reap the rewards!

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